If you select some text in your web browser and copy it to the clipboard, you can paste it into your IRC client as plain text. Given that IRC supports bold, underline, and, in many newer clients, italics, wouldn't it be nice if those attributes could be preserved? Enter HTML To IRC. When it detects HTML on the clipboard, it converts it to plain text with embedded IRC formatting control codes, storing the text until you explicitly ask it to copy it to the clipboard.



HTML To IRC is made available under the terms of the Simplified BSD License.


HTML To IRC 1.0.0 source code
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HTML To IRC 1.0.0 installers
Link Size Checksums
32-bit Windows 6.17 MiB MD5: 9722ce1e294cdf646be37af67da36204
SHA-1: 439432a3823284cfaf176088dab8cc3b1ae80d8c
SHA-224: fae2edca9f49d23ecbb149f4dde8936f4ec6dce0faf165324b8aaaa5
SHA-256: 79008ee02c722f4d4d26904625e65a229bfe41cde134ab9d93335f2067684458
SHA-384: 102de5eb953c840bb6288f0b86581306bebdb0b4f0820722021cb2c6843ded10f78ca574bc7021c1bbe7cf0dac452ec9
SHA-512: bf26d7b869282e4653331c16c7f69020eab8f923798248f10fd6d87c98ae23a50ba8f25c18f134bc16a6983364343f88bac95321b3f27c3787f5e7fa28376b98
64-bit Windows 6.93 MiB MD5: e31d55afb0416658c7213725889b0453
SHA-1: da997764386fad5b25d3616a66a5319679a77a12
SHA-224: 1487166c1c71fdb7c472433bef6d67b6968b6ade131116e9c1b36bbf
SHA-256: e48e844ee13b036b701ee1821e87829a282f80e6817edd08413085d727364489
SHA-384: 278f5905b2ef4933ee2cb8bc78f317ed8937f846a5a68ffa3692d7bf563cfe58ff526f6ef6e8b626a47a52cb6a5e7c34
SHA-512: 15103220eae0e809dcd30e631ee1be2a1a54e303a57d2e3aff67c1ac029299286e9471457a2471679f4b201cfea9c22f1be80eb8810762dfdc388617284ee801